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Published on Mar 20, 2024

 When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Lynnwood, WA, homeowners have a unique opportunity to transform their private spaces into luxurious retreats that reflect personal style and sophistication. At Coons Construction, we've mastered the art of blending functionality with elegance, ensuring each bathroom remodel not only meets but exceeds homeowner expectations. Our approach, deeply rooted in integrating construction expertise with innovative design from the outset, sets us apart as the go-to bathroom remodeling company in Lynnwood.

1. Integrated Design and Construction Expertise

Our methodology emphasizes the importance of having the contractor involved in the design process right from the beginning. This collaboration yields significant savings and ensures that the final design is not only beautiful but also practical from a construction standpoint. By advising on the design with a focus on building feasibility, we facilitate a streamlined process where cost engineering is concluded alongside the finalization of drawings. This strategic approach addresses the crucial question: "Can we afford to build our dream bathroom as designed?"

2. Immediate Transition from Planning to Execution

One of the standout benefits of selecting Coons Construction early in your bathroom remodeling journey is the elimination of lag time between receiving permits and commencing the project. Our team is prepared to spring into action the moment permits are secured, thanks to our upfront involvement. This familiarity with the project details, combined with pre-established estimates and agreements, accelerates the project timeline significantly. In contrast, waiting to select a contractor post-design can extend the project start date by up to a year. Choosing Coons Construction from the get-go can save you an entire year in realizing your dream bathroom.

3. Commitment and Flexibility Demonstrated Through Planning Fees

At Coons Construction, our dedication extends beyond just planning your bathroom remodel; we're committed to bringing it to life. We often agree to credit a portion of our design phase fees to the first construction invoice, showcasing our commitment to not only envisioning but also executing your project. This flexibility in planning fees, born from our desire to work efficiently and reduce costs, exemplifies our holistic approach to bathroom remodeling.

4. Cost You Can Afford, Quality You Can Trust

The decision to involve Coons Construction early on is your first step toward achieving the bathroom space you've always wanted, within a budget you can afford. Our "Built Green" certification by the Master Builder's Association is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and quality. Combined with our expertise in building science, we ensure that your bathroom remodel in Lynnwood is not just a testament to luxury but also to eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge technology.

The Coons Construction Promise: Beyond a Bathroom Remodel

Choosing Coons Construction for your bathroom remodeling project in Lynnwood, WA, means opting for a partner who values your vision, time, and investment. We pride ourselves on creating spaces that are not just visually stunning but also intelligently designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable.

As Lynnwood's premier bathroom remodeling company, we invite you to experience the difference that dedication, expertise, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction can make. Contact us today to begin the journey toward the bathroom of your dreams—a journey where luxury meets practicality, and your vision becomes our blueprint.

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