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Our Process. Our Commitment.

Coons Construction’s all-around craftsmanship process reflects our values and approach.

Our job is to build what you envision through a process that lives up to your highest expectations

Craftsmanship starts with the design process and extends through project management and each construction phase. When your project is finished, you’ll see and feel the results of a well-planned, well-built home-enhancing project.

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7 steps of clarity, transparency & efficiency.

7 Steps From Start to Completion

Step 1: Initial Discussion

This is where Coons Construction gets on the same page with what you want. You and our Project Director, owner Nathan Coons, have a focused conversation. We learn about the scope of your remodel and discuss key points for putting a plan together. We get a sense of what it’s like to work together.

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Step 2: Consultant Agreement

This signed agreement puts Coons Construction to work on planning your project. We address whatever’s needed to create an accurate remodel plan.

  • Assess the remodel area so we understand the space and unique features Agree on design, either one we create or through
  • collaboration with your designer, architect or both Develop a detailed budget through our Cost Engineering approach, which
  • helps you select materials that fit your style and budget

Project Estimate

Coons Construction puts a detailed estimate in your hands, outlining the project scope and budget.

  • Each component of the remodel is identified
  • Line items specify the work and materials selected for each project component

You meet with Nathan Coons to go over the estimate. Together, we discuss details to your satisfaction, make adjustments and finalize your project’s scope and materials.

The final Project Estimate is the foundation for your remodel. It includes agreed-upon activities and costs. Once your project is under way, we discuss any variations from the Project Estimate with you. Examples of variations include unforeseen conditions behind the walls and changes you might request in design or materials.

Step 3: Contract

The contract is the formal agreement between you and Coons Construction. It includes the Project Estimate, timeline, what our team will accomplish to complete your remodel the way you envision and our warranty.

Coons Construction is an Open Book Company that uses a Cost-Plus contract. We show you the receipts for materials and labor, including sub-contractors; you pay for what’s completed.

Step 4: Weekly Meetings

Coons Construction pre-schedules weekly meetings with you. These meetings take place either in-person at the remodel site or via Zoom, depending on your schedule. We cover key topics such as the following.

  • Completed tasks and steps
  • The next week’s activities
  • Behind-the-scenes preparations for upcoming activities
  • Scheduling updates
  • Budget review with each invoice
  • Step 5: Change Orders

    What if you find just-the-right light fixture or flooring—or anything else—once the remodel is underway?

    Sometimes we find conditions behind walls that need to be addressed or there’s a new material available that’s worth considering.

    We provide a Change Order to address any deviation from the original plan. You see how a proposed change impacts the project and budget so you can decide how you want to proceed.

    Step 6: Punch List

    The completion of your remodel is full of details. We provide a Punch List to keep us both on the same page. It’s a list of items that require a good hard look and finishing touches. Your approval of these final details means the remodel is successfully completed.

    Step 7: Celebration

    This may not be an actual step in the building process but it’s the best part! After all the planning and building, it’s time to take over your new space, create memories and live your life.

    Our Design Process

    Coons Construction works equally well as the designer or partner to your design team. Either way, we get involved early in the process. Our Cost Engineering approach helps everyone stay focused on creating a design that works within your budget while delivering a design that reflects your style and functional needs.

    We employ in-house capabilities and carefully selected partners, depending on what you need.

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    Building Science: Save On Energy Bills & Build Healthier Living Spaces

    Coons Construction adheres to Building Science principles. When we plan your remodel, we look for ways to improve the efficiency, comfort, healthy functioning, durability and environmental footprint of your home.

    When we start planning a project, we analyze how various components and systems will interact in the new space. Then we look for opportunities to deliver value in the remodel. For example, by upgrading windows and insultation you can reduce your use of electricity and heat.

    Building Science is a young and quickly advancing field. Coons Construction pays close attention to what’s new, including construction standards emerging from new technologies.

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